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Good things are coming. We have designed a video playbook to be a companion to The Life Brief book. Guided by Bonnie, the video will help set the tone for the experience and curate the ingredients for a meaningful weekend of life briefing…solo, as a couple, with your team, family, or a group of friends. The video will be emailed to you in January, to accompany your fresh copy of the book.

Live creatively.
Live courageously.

In the meantime, here’s a taste of Bonnie’s most popular posts. You can also join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Mind Games

Are you feeling stuck or blocked? The enemies of self-directed living could be in your way.


Find Meaning in Your Mess

If you only take away ONE exercise from The Life Brief practice, this is it.


What is creative living?

Creativity is a mindset. It’s about the attitude and approach…it’s about being idea-led.